Maya J releases empowering single “Princess,” on her birthday


Singer, songwriter, violinist, and actress Maya J is celebrating two milestones today- her birthday and the release of her new single, “Princess.”

The sassy mid-tempo track is a Pop, R&B, and Trap fusion with empowering lyrics for the ladies speaking about being confident within yourself. The blend of all three genres makes a good combination, along with the violin and strings performed by Maya J herself. 

In the song, Maya J says she’ll never tell all of her secrets and although she’s kind and sweet, she still demands her respect.

In the hook, Maya says“People say don’t mess with the queen”…/The truth is don’t mess with the princess/I don’t really think you know who you messing with/…” 

The song is all about girl power and making sure the ladies know their worth, stand by it, and of course, add tax. She says she has the last word and even wrote it “in her lipstick,” after someone tried to take advantage of her, but figured out she wasn’t to be played with. 

Describing her vision of a princess, Maya J says, “A graceful, poised, and classy young lady. Charitable and/or accomplished. Amiable. Defends and protects herself as well as others; her kindness shall not be taken for weakness.” 

Maya J aims to not only entertain but also embody strength, grace, and self-assurance through her songs, a theme that many ladies will appreciate in “Princess” along with other tracks from Maya J. 

The release of “Princess” follows the success of Maya J’s previous single, “Chills,” which landed a spot on Apple Music’s Best New Music Playlist. 

Connect with Maya J on Instagram here.

Check out “Princess,” by Maya J. below.

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