Christon Gray releases 2014 hit album “School of Roses:Reloaded” with 6 new tracks


R&B singer, rapper, and songwriter Christon Gray has re-released his 2014 hit album “School of Roses,” but with six new tracks, giving fans “School of Roses: Reloaded.”

“School of Roses: Reloaded,” was released on the Rhythm Music label, helmed by legendary producer DJ Scratch. The new tracks include “Stay Inside,” “Isle of You,” “Keep in Mind,” “Change My Life,” the focus track “Rhythm & Blues,” and “Stop Me.”

The album talks about love, life, and self-discovery in a soulful way. Gray is a triple threat with his singing, rapping, and songwriting skills.  The album definitely gives R&B/Soul. Gray shows his range on the album with his voice, his penmanship with his writing, and his flow with his rapping.  

“Stop Me,” was featured on the “Glory,” album, which debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard Top 100, brought Gray much success resonating across diverse platforms, including commercials, prominent sporting events, and various ESPN programs such as the ESPYs, Sports Center, First Take, and more. The new version of “Stop Me,” was produced by DJ Scratch himself. 

“Change My Life,” which features Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard, talks about doing what you got to do to change your life, do better, and live up to your potential.

The song begins and ends with, “ So much greatness inside/Gotta let the world see, let it shine.”

The hook really hits hard, because it talks about not just talking about what you want for your life, but actually doing the work to get it- a step that many don’t want to take.

“​​I been working hard every day and night/Praying by my bed before I say goodnight/Doing something different, work instead of wishing/’Cause, I just gotta change my life.”

Gray is working on music in preparation to release an album later this year.

 The Columbus, Ohio native initially began his career in the Gospel industry in 2006. He released his first R&B project, “Even With Evil With Me,” in 2011. 

Listen to “School of Roses: Reloaded,” below: 

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