TheARTI$T releases sophomore project, “ARTchives: The Gallery”


R&B musician, TheARTI$T, has released her sophomore album, “ARTchives: The Gallery,” a project that exemplifies the ups and downs of love, relationships, and the imperfections of life. 

The album has 15 tracks and the songs give a trap soul /R&B vibe. The project is really a work of art and fits the title- each track has an accompanying visual, which is rare these days.

The standout track, “Love Is,” is about how love is not always a bed of roses. There will be some tough times, but if you really love that person, the love will endure any obstacles.

The hook says, “If I ever lost my mind/ I know I’ll find it with you/If I ever lost my way/I know my space right with you/ I used to be scared of love, but I feel brave with you/Through the storm, I’ll stay/I keep the rains from you.”

TheARTI$T also says that “nobody wants to go through troubles” and it shouldn’t be a struggle to notice the love.

“ARTchives: The Gallery,” project is a follow-up to her debut indie 2023 project, “ARTchives,” ​​which garnered 7.5 million streams.

“I take so much pride in knowing that my situations I share through music is helpful to others,” she says in a press release. “Before, I was never comfortable talking about real-life experiences and now I look forward to it every time I step into the booth. My love for music is out of this world.”

The Newark, NJ native, aims to showcase vulnerability and authenticity in her music. She has been added to countless editorial playlists and has already gained notable nods from R&B artists and producers such as Summer Walker, Sage the Gemini, Troy Taylor, Tink, and K Camp, among others. 

Check out the “ARTchives: The Gallery,” below:

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