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Setting one’s sights higher and higher with each release is a must for any artist who wants to build a long career and leave an enduring legacy. Take Musiq Soulchild, for example: in under a decade, the Philadelphia native has gone from just wanting to sing to requesting that his audience Juslisen, before establishing himself as a bona fide Soulstar.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Musiq is now preparing for the December 9th drop date of his fifth full-length, the follow-up to last year’s Luvanmusiq. The forthcoming On My Radio, the singer’s second Atlantic Records release, finds Musiq ready to break new musical ground and present long-time listeners with a cornucopia of diverse sounds, an approach exemplified by the two radically different album cuts we’ve featured thus far: first official single “Radio,” whose club-ready swagger surprised many of the singer’s devotees, and the laid-back, soulful Mary J. Blige collaboration, “Ifyouleave.”

In an exclusive interview with’s DJ “Z,” Musiq steps inside the booth to talk about the need for musical evolution in the often-stale scene of today, why the compilers of the tentative On My Radio tracklist drifting around the Internet need to get their facts straight, and his newfound determination to collaborate with any and all artists in the game.


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