New Music: Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men)


Here is a surprise remix from Shawn of the legendary Boyz II Men to Beyonce’s single, “If I Were A Boy”. Normally I leave my opinion on records at the login door of this blog, but this has got to be addressed! It’s a blog right? Shawn’s version takes the correct approach in a remix / response to this massive record. I still believe it’s not necessary at all anyways, but if you must do it, do it as a man would respond to his girl if she came at him like B does. DO NOT, DO NOT do what Lee Carr did, or as I have heard, his A&R and management, energizer bunny-ed him to do. I did not post that version by Lee, because I support him and that was a terrible career move. And since it never circulated on a large scale, maybe the powers that be changed their minds about their artist saying on record, “if I were a girl…..”. If you have not heard Lee’s version you can google search it I’m sure. And, if you are interested in hearing a R&B legend do a random response to a current hit, check it out below. SMH….



  1. Viveca Gresham 15 years ago

    I believe that this is an example of collaborative genius! Did Shawn write the lyrics for Beyonce 2?

    Another kudo’s for Philadelphia’s Shawn Stockman!

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