New Music: Marsha Ambrosius “Yours Truly” Mixtape


Here is the brand new mixtape Yours Truly by singer/songwriter Marsha Ambrosius. It is hosted by Don Cannon, all tracks are produced by Focus. Here is what Marsha had to say about the project,

As an artist who also plays the part of writer/producer etc, I have the tendency to just do… I don’t consider consequence when it comes to art… whatever the effect, its effective, the music I make affects… hate it or love, thinks its aiight or hating coz it sounds nothing like what I sounded like 5 years ago… this mixtape is dedicated to being unafraid… some of these joints at one point were album contenders but ya know what, can’t let them all sit down… don’t wanna give some of them up either so my gift to you is music that would just be sitting down somewhere… Yours Truly is the album that once was :) My personal fave is “Cloud 9”, nah “I lost You”, ermmm “Take Care” ooh “Start… Finsh” yesssssssssss “Interlude (some type of way)” its frikkin great lol :) ENJOY… I do…



01. Intro

02. Sunshine feat. Little Brother

03. Dat Shit feat. Busta Rhymes

04. R.I.P. (It’s Over)

05. Murdah feat. The Game

06. Forget About You

07. Get You Right

08. Impossible

09. Cloud 9

10. I Lost You

11. Interlude (Some Type Of Way)

12. Co-Star

13. Star…Finish

14. Take Care


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