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Just a few years ago, the vast majority of American listeners would have been hard-pressed to name even one popular recording artist who hailed from the Island-nation of Barbados. This, of course, changed with the success of Saint Michael native Rihanna, who stepped onto the international stage with 2005’s Music of the Sun and went on to score five Billboard Hot 100 number one singles and sell over 11 million albums worldwide. Today, the time is ripe for another talented Bajan artist to achieve international acclaim, and by all appearances Shontelle is the woman for the job.

The 23-year old singer/songwriter released her debut studio album, Shontelligence, just last month, and the LP is shaping up to be a smashing success; with breakout hit “T-Shirt” (as well as the record’s Dream featuring remix) and successful second single “Battle Cry,” making waves in the States and overseas, the Saint James-born beauty looks more than ready to become the next Bajan sensation to take up residence in the hearts, minds, and iPods of listeners everywhere.

In an exclusive interview with our very own DJZ,” Shontelle steps into the DJ Booth to discuss her own personal fashion sense, how an education in entertainment law has prepared her to navigate the business side of the music industry, and how Rihanna’s success has emboldened a new generation of Bajan recording artists.


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