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Here is a new record by Syleena Johnson. It is titled “Maury Povich” featuring Coldhard (of Crucial Conflict). The title should give you a lil idea of the concept of the song ahead of time. I used to be a Syleena fan about 5 years ago, but I must admit I haven’t even checked out her new album, Chapter 4: Labor Pains (which is in stores now) and I’m pretty sure must people have not either. But we need to support her. Check this track out, and make sure you check the album out HERE.



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  1. Tammy 13 years ago

    Chapter 4: Labor Pains is a good album. Ms. Johnson did a damn good job putting this out on her own label. This Maury Povich song is hilarious, but very true. She points out the ignorance and foolishness of many adults.

    But she showed more sides of herself on this Chapter. There’s a conscious side, humorous side, lively side and of course sexy side…and more. Labor Pains, Freedom, Where’s the Love, Your Love are just a few of my fav’s. The whole album is good though.

    But I do remember reading that she said she won’t do R&B after this album. Hmmm..that’s interesting.

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