1. jessica newton 12 years ago

    love your song drop it low i dance to evertime i hear it on the radio

  2. V 12 years ago

    effin disgusting. her composition on the track was retarded. good shit man.

  3. Lady Law 12 years ago

    I in now way condone what Chris Brown did however, I’m very happy to see that someone is allowing Chris Brown to move forward with his musical career. This is such a great talent to go to waste.

  4. mealchi 12 years ago

    i like the new song from ster dean, i found that it’s good, the rythm is so exited and i like to dance one this tempo
    ester dean will be the futur princess of music
    i hope it
    a like this girl

  5. jett 12 years ago

    she is dope for real i hope ester dean and miss keir babe hook up and make a crazy track that will make me get hype

  6. ANGELA ROBINSON 12 years ago

    ester dean is the shit i love her

  7. Taye Taye 12 years ago

    I love your so drop it low its really good me and my girl homegirl Breanna dance to that song everytime

  8. Mrs perkins 12 years ago

    I like her song its have a good tempo an i really love it cause chris brown is in it

  9. BruthaForeal 12 years ago

    Typical ATL Dirty South track. I will admit it’s catchy but no real content, but then again who is putting out music for the soul nowadays anyway. And is everyone in the ATL a singer/songwriter/producer/trapstar/dancer/exotic dancer? This is just another example of the corporate wheel putting out noise and calling it music. No wonder they say youth is wasted on the young. And damn she’s not even pretty at least Ciara and Keri are easy on the eyes, Ester (with her old ass sounding name) is a Snicker’s bar away from booga bear status! UGH!

  10. edizzy 12 years ago

    i believe that she is a wanna be missy elliot.if you look at her video she is tryna dress like her with the hoodie and jeans..wack..her voice sucks..auto tune is getting old..she really can’t sing..

  11. gabby 12 years ago


  12. sarah 12 years ago

    i love that song so much drop it low

  13. jaelynn wright 12 years ago

    i love her song so much

  14. jaelynn wright 12 years ago

    and i love her

  15. lala noel 12 years ago

    Why can’t we uplift our youth? She is doing something positive and making a name for herself. Half of you can’t even spell. It’s not about looks. I think Ciara is a better dancer than singer and Miss Keri is awesome. Ester is telling us you don’t have to be the typical size 4 and as light as a paper bag. Ester do your thing honey. I love you for being different. Big hugs and kisses to you.

  16. jay weaver 12 years ago

    No one has a picture of this bitch im tryin see if she sexy the way people talkin bout her

  17. Wexx 12 years ago
  18. Amillion 12 years ago

    You rock the stuff.I like the video. is the video in the store. Call me at 419-531-6573 ask for Amillion By PS

  19. Rayven 12 years ago

    I like your song Drop it low girl song. Do you like Chris Brown. I Dont like Chris Brown but I do like TI.

  20. Amillion 12 years ago

    I Ester Dean I like you, you look so quiet you look quieter than Keisha Cole, Do you like Chris Brown, in the video. Drop it low girl video. Call me at 419-531-6573 ask for Amillion buy P.S

  21. Fancy Face 12 years ago

    shake those curves Ester, you hot and the leggings are made for your body. love your music too

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