Mixtape: Raheem DeVaughn “The Art of Noise”



Here is the brand new mixtape from Mr. R&B Hippie Neosoul Rockstar, Raheem DeVaughn. It was just released at 12am through his website, 368musicgroup.com. Check that out now, and then enjoy this free piece of work from a very talented man.


01. God Speed

02. So Amazing

03. Cocaine Dreams

04. Walk With You feat. Ice The Villian

05. Club Hop feat. T-Pain

06. Planet Body Rock

07. Wanna Love You feat. Young Chris

08. Night And Day

09. Talk $H@# feat. Phil Ade

10. Object Of Affection

11. Weather Man feat. Phil Ade

12. Insomnia feat. Stello

13. Beat It Up

14. Desire Interlude

15. Lay Awhile

16. Back To Your Heart

17. Absent Hearts feat. Kingpin Slim

18. Hennesy Joint

19. Pieces of Clay


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