Music: Richgirl feat. Chris Brown – Smile & Wave



Here is a brand new record from up and coming group, Richgirl. The track is titled, “Smile & Wave” and it features Chris Brown. Richgirl is producer Rich Harrison’s group. I’m not sure if he produced the record but check it out, its decent. The above picture was an unexpected find. Looks to have been put up from Mario through twitter, but it features three of the four girls – from left to right – Seven, Brave & Audra. Maybe Lyndriette was taking the picture – ha.

Richgirl feat. Chris Brown – Smile & Wave

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  1. Embo 11 years ago

    the chick to the left is actually lyn. Seven isn’t in this pic. This was in south beach btw. And that track is def not prod. by rich.

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