1. ben 14 years ago

    How does a fat slob like that get a girl like her ?

  2. dariusjlroberts@yahoo.com 14 years ago

    this is sum bullshit nigger

  3. ash 14 years ago

    y ppls hatin. dere cute 2geter

  4. Dirk 14 years ago

    Your post The-Dream & Christina Milian Vibe Magazine Photos | This is RnB – Hot Music News, Latest R&B Videos, Hip Hop Charts was very interesting when I found it over google on Monday by my search for magazine vibe. I have your blog now in my bookmarks and I visit your blog again, soon. Take care.

  5. ms.knowitall 14 years ago

    wow it’s amazing how ppl can be so damn hateful, wtf ? it’s like ppl never have anything positive to say and what kills me is when yall start the name callin and shit when i know alot of yall aint nothin to write home to momma about if you know what i’m mean… grow up and get a life ppl damn why cant we just be happy for them. honestly they really dnt give 2 shits about your opinion and i dnt blame them cuz what you eat dnt make thm shit. hatefull motherfuckaz and i bet it be the ugliest fattest most miserable fuckin ppl that do all the name callin and got all the fat jokes

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