Music: Estelle feat. John Legend & Ludacris – All Night Long [NO TAGS]




Here is the brand new record from Estelle featuring John Legend & Ludacris. It is titled, “All Night Long”. This leaked early last week as an unfinished snippet off a mixtape, and it was listed as John Legends record. Here is the full, untagged version. Check it out now.

Estelle feat. John Legend & Ludacris – All Night Long [Full, No Tags]

  1. Mackeran 12 years ago

    Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

  2. THE INVISIBLES 12 years ago

    Was that meant as sarcasm Mackeran…lol ?
    Maybe I read the Kaleena post wrong, but the grammatical errors in that one paragraph alone ….

    Thanks for updating the Estelle post.
    If only someone had pointed this out to you last week..


  3. admin 12 years ago

    Maybe you didn’t read what I wrote to you about this record already?

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