Music: Kaleena – Beyond The Skyline



Here is a brand new record from up and coming singer/songwriter Kaleena. Who is apart of Diddy’s new group Dirty Money, including himself, Kaleena and Dawn Richard. Sorry for the pic, couldn’t find a solo of Kaleena, but she is the one on the right. This record is titled, “Beyond The Skyline”, produced by Jim Jonsin. Check it out, thoughts?

Kaleena – Beyond The Skyline

(Prod. by Jim Jonsin)

  1. THE INVISIBLES 12 years ago



    Here’s the brand new record from up and coming singer/songwriter Kaleena. Some might know her as a member of Diddy’s new self lead group Dirty Money along with Dawn Richards. Sorry for the pic, but I couldn’t find a solo one of Kaleena.For the record, she’s the one on the right.Produced by Jim Jonsin, take a listen and let me know your thoughts.

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    U can thank me later

  2. admin 12 years ago

    um ok, I didn’t know we hired you as editor, haha, don’t you have your own blog to write on? wierdo!

  3. l 12 years ago

    i was wondering if you could put the lyrics .

    thank you

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