Music: Diamond feat. Keri Hilson – Like A Stripper



Here is a brand new record from female rapper Diamond (Crime Mob). It is titled, “Like A Stripper”, featuring Keri Hilson and produced by Fat Boi. It’s not bad, possibly her first single. Check it out below.

Download Link: Diamond feat. Keri Hilson – Like A Stripper

(Prod. by Fat Boi)

  1. I love your musics and also i’m in love with you because you give me alot of motivation when you sing those songs of yours which makes me go far who knows one day we will and we will knot each other more because i won’t rest until i find you and talk to you God help me

  2. Nicholas Shermade 6 years ago

    Keri Hilson baby girl honey be !

    How sweet care about your own bizz ! Believe in yourself ! Step into your own life. Sweet you never seen before. Swear you never talk about it. You will get your swear contract too. I promiss you cutting your tongue. Swear you never talk about it. And Underline your contract.

    The productions must be clean. Cover the quality of UMBRELLA, Ain´t No Other Man, Toxic, Don´t Cha…… Don´t Cha must to have the rhythm quality of UMBRELLA. Video design, colours too screen. And importent is in the studio to find the right rhythm clean. 1. Rhythm 2. Instruments 3. Singing. The rules 1 2 3. Your productions have not the system of the rules. Yours have 2 3 1 0r 3 2 1. 1 not in front of 2 and 2 not in front of 3. Do you clear understand the rules. Deep In My Heart. Deep. Big Love. Big. Should to tell you see you. The rhythm quality like / Drumms UMBREALL Ain´t No Other Man. Like Umbrella the rhythm of your productions. Sweet long kiss, Buddie Lotion and Shower together.Concentration singing clean. Natural voice. Let´s Go.

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