1. Abbey 13 years ago

    OMFG. i luve her song Perfect Two.!!

  2. Lidey 13 years ago

    Perfect Two ! ;D

  3. andrew 13 years ago

    perfect two is mine and my gf song

  4. FAMESHA 13 years ago

    i lve perfect two and jerk song and she happy

  5. mark guzman 13 years ago

    i love all your songs 4real =] and id love to hear what you got 4 da future =] here my number if you need any help k it 9563986234 oh and i write music too =] good luck with all the music =] laterzz

  6. Auburn 13 years ago

    Hey my names Auburn too:D I love your song! It’s me and my bf’s song too. LOVE IT:D

  7. selena gomez 13 years ago

    hey auburn im selena gomez im such a big fan of you and i just wanted to know if we could possibly do a duet together because i just love the way your voice sounds and i would love to hear how it would sound with our voices together but i know im not as good as you but email me at SG@hotmail.com ♥ selena

  8. Anonymous 13 years ago

    heyy i love ur music me nd my kuz made a dance up to ur sonqqz echo nd hey buddy oh nd i also like ummm wht is it kalled i hate college

  9. Kimberly Alyse 13 years ago

    OMG between Hey Buddy, Perfect Two, and Growing Up…..IM SO in ♥ with your music!! keep it up gurl!

  10. Little Taryn 13 years ago

    OMG I love her songs and my favorite is definetly Perfect Two. I hate that it’s not on itunes and it really pisses me off cause I <3 this song forever but I can't put it on my ipod……………… ughhh

  11. francesca 13 years ago

    yall i just wanted to say if aint none of her songs are on itunes you can find them on limewire, just dont get introuble.
    bi bi (;

  12. TsR 12 years ago


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