Music: Bruno Mars – Dream Taker



Here is a new record by singer/songwriter Bruno Mars. It is titled, “Dream Taker,” and it is another uptempo dance type. Check it out!

Link: Bruno Mars – Dream Taker

  1. Indy 8 years ago

    His single with B.o.B. is killing the charts right now. He has the perfect setup to come with another single of his own.

  2. Kristen 8 years ago

    He looks hot in this pic shown above!

  3. Kristen 8 years ago

    just kidding

  4. Kristen 8 years ago

    he is such an amazing singer

  5. Anonymous 8 years ago


  6. Angelina Jolee 8 years ago

    i love u bruno and ur pic is s3xi3 4 shore

  7. Arturo Montoya 8 years ago

    Bruno Mars is so fucking hot!!!!!! I love his song billionaire!!!

  8. nenesse 8 years ago

    put1 keskil est sexy !!

  9. Chelsey 8 years ago

    I LOVE YOU BRUNO! You’re are so awesome, i love your musik and i think you’re bringing something new! <3

  10. Neida 8 years ago

    I LOVE YOU BRUNO! TAKE ME TO MARS 🙂 I love your musik and your freakin hott 🙂

  11. Maitlyn 8 years ago

    Bruno you are so HOT.And your singing is the best singing I have ever heard befor.All the other boys hate becuase you look better!!!!!!!

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