1. BrittBratSongz 11 years ago

    I love love love this song and Miles adds more energy to the style of the song! Its nice to witness the growth and development of an artist!!!! Miles is a star “destined to shine.” He is an amazing talent as a writer and a singer!!! I dig it!!! Congrats Miles!

  2. Chelsa(TTU) 11 years ago

    loved it!! downloading to my iPod as i type.. lol :-) Keep Up The Good Work E. Miles!!

  3. Joniesha 11 years ago

    Miles has one of them bedroom voices, he makes you just want to head to a bedroom with a partner and be locked up for days..lol. People are sleeping on his talent, but the funny thing about REAL talent is it forces your eyes open. Not only is he a bomb ass singer but he writes his ass off as well. For example, Black Roses and Love Safari….just to name a few..you go thru trey’s albums and mixtapes you’ll find mr. miles in the credits. I can’t wait until he puts out a mixtape/album so the world can see what this young man has to offer. Keep it up Miles!

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