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Would you be cool if Christina wanted to shoot a video like “Window Seat”?
I’d be like ‘Go ahead.’ It’s all artistic expression. If we lived in Africa, our asses would be out all the time. We’re conditioned people, so our minds are in such a crazy position.

Have you ever wanted to be a sex symbol?
It depends on what the symbol of sex is because it fluctuates through time and history. The symbol that always holds up though is philosophy and words. Visually can do that too, like you can see a picture of Madonna and think she’s sex symbol because of that particular look, but that’s not the only way to become that. I feel like I have to be a sex symbol in a certain format because everybody is always asking me to make ‘Another one of them baby-making albums.’ It’s influencing [sex]. When you pick up my album, I don’t think anyone thinks anything besides, ‘Yeah we’re gonna fuck’ [laughs]. So in some type of way I must be a sex symbol. But I’m not getting my sit-up on or anything, I’m just putting it down.

Have you ever had a vocal coach?
Never. It’s more so of what I call camouflage.

What do you mean?
Just being ignorant because nobody likes when you do something great, so I under-sing most of the time… 95% of the time.

What’s a usual night like between you and the wife?
Right now, it’s just working. I think when people come together truly you’re still supposed to have a plan. Unless you marry when you’re eight. But when people are developed in their life and you marry them, you become a part of whatever their particular thing is. So I’m doing the same things that I was doing, which is working my ass off to get to a particular point. That point is at 40, so it’s not time to stop now.

Yeah, it can be easy to fall off balance when you get married, with any relationship really.
Right. You get lazy. Love is just a part of [life] and that’s what we forget. That’s just a percentage of what it is.

Did you and Christina have a conversation about making sure you both stayed on track?
I think that’s something that happened in a small conversation and something that happens every so often. That’s undoubtedly what has to happen, because it doesn’t work the other way.

Does she use your last name?
Depends on what it’s for. More so she uses her own name.

Christina Milian-Nash could work I think right?
Yeah, but that aint hot.

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