Music: Trey Songz – I Want You x Mojo


Since I was away on other business all last week, and I was slow on getting posts up I know I need to make it up to you guys. So here we go! ThisisRnB exclusive time! Here are TWO exclusives from Trey Songz! Yes, that’s right, no tags either, so thank me later. The first is titled, “I Want You,” it is the average Trey love song/slow jam type. The second joint is a short or unfinished record titled, “Mojo,” which finds Trey on his swagger ish. Check them out below, and enjoy!

Link: Trey Songz – I Want You

Link: Trey Songz – Mojo

  1. TheAmeRicanKid.tumblr 13 years ago

    Trey Songz – I Want You / Mojo (New Music) (Free Download)

  2. SwingMaster 13 years ago

    damn………………… who’s produced I WANT YOU?

  3. broooo 13 years ago

    trey songzzz . .
    what can I say, he is . . . . . like
    I actually like the songg :)

  4. kaylah.H 13 years ago

    he is like theee sex, love his voice too :)
    love him overall . AWWWH SHIET !
    love to be that bitch all over his sexy body !
    i wanna go like cry !

  5. dejanae 12 years ago

    dis is a really good song…………….cus i want you boi……x4 aye x2

  6. volusion seo 11 years ago

    I am definitely excited for the WIFYR conference. Although Ive already registered for Sara Zarrs workshop, Im encouraging my friend to sign up for your workshop, and I plan on attending one of your afternoon sessions. I cant wait!

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