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  1. Devante 12 years ago

    Wow what a great R&B music news story. I never thought that the beautiful Keri Hilson and the sexy R&B singer Ciara actually having a beef in the first place. It was obviously just media hype and tabloid gossip. It was obvious to me that there is enough room for both of these talented singers in the music industry and that they are strong women will be supporting each other too. Ciara is an amazing artist. She sings so well and dances incredibly. And Ciaras music videos are awesome too and some of the best R&B music videos out there. And similarly Keri Hilson is a very beautiful and talented artist and she has built her career through hard work and her amazing talent. Her R&B songs and R&B music videos are awesome too and so its good to see that these two talented and amazing R&B singers are actually friends and are supportive of each other too.

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