Ryan Leslie Getting Less Romantic, More Introspective On “Les Is More”


Ryan Leslie recently spoke to Vibe about his forthcoming album Les Is More, his current creative direction and why he’s focusing less on love.

VIBE: You’ve been in the studio with Kanye West, Swizz Beatz and Lloyd Banks recently. Where are you at with your solo material?

Ryan Leslie: My solo album is called Les Is More. I premiered one record called “The Glory” at my Bowery [Ballroom] show [in New York] this summer. I have such a specific message that I want to get across musically and lyrically, so I’ve been doing a lot of more writing from the piano in terms of the chords structure, and I’ve also been searching for the right sound. And that’s why I started doing a lot more collaborations, just to sort of play my ideas for Kanye or Swizz or whoever else I’m in the studio with. Just to get some feedback from people I really, really respect, because this project is really special for me. I walked away from a fourth album at Universal [Motown]. Even though they offered to do it, I walked away from it because I really believe that we’re in a crazy, amazing, exciting place as artists, especially artists that create all their own music and visual media, you know? I have some respect as a producer, but I’ve really started gaining the respect as a collaborator, as a voice on a track or as an artist that’s actually contributing something to the record.

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