Music: Brutha feat. Rick Ross & Twista – High Is Coming Down [New Single]


Here is the latest attempt at a single from Brutha. This track was previously leaked with the guys solo. The new and final version is featuring Rick Ross & Twista. Which, I don’t understand at all. As if a 5 member group wasn’t enough, adding 2 rappers? The Ross feature makes sense, but Twista?  His verse is good, but it’s kinda extra. I wish someone could get these guys a hit. Check it out below, what do you think of the new version as their new single?

Link: Brutha feat. Rick Ross & Twista – High Is Coming Down (Prod. by Harvey Mason) [New Single] | Alt. Link

  1. tony 12 years ago

    excuse me?
    The original is named you aint the one and only features twista

  2. Wexx 12 years ago

    Here is the previously leaked version we mentioned, it leaked back in April.

  3. Ashley Nicole 12 years ago

    It don’t matter what was the original I’m disappointed in Brutha’s whole situation. Like seriously… a great talented group but just can’t seem to get it together..I believe when Shake died things fell apart…

  4. Wexx 12 years ago

    Agree, its very unfortunate. They are really talented.

  5. Larry Simmons Jr 12 years ago

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  6. T Tingle 12 years ago

    I Like the new single correction Love the new single. The fellas are amazingly talented and I love all of their music.

    **Touched by a Brutha’s Angel**

  7. Kezzy 12 years ago

    Im loving the new single. Brutha and no utha baby!!!

    **Touched by a Brutha’s Angel**

  8. ashanti 12 years ago

    Its brutha and none utha…I love this track and I love brutha…

    **touched by a bruthas angel**

  9. Melody D 12 years ago

    I absolutely love the new single <3 Whether it has one rapper, two rappers, no rappers, you can't deny true talent! :-) This single is hot! Brutha is going straight to the top! Support true talent. Let's get on-board the #Vacancy Train people! I love this song and I am more than sure the new album will not disappoint. #RealTalk

    **Touched By A Brutha's Angel~LV

  10. Ash 12 years ago

    The song could feature the whole Young Money crew plus twista, ross and will smith for all i care…. You can’t say the song aint a BANGER!!!! Get with the Vacancy Movement… i promise you dont wanna be left behind….

    *Touched by a Brutha’s Angel*

  11. Syd I 12 years ago

    It does not matter how many people are on the single….IT IS THE ISH! Really listen to the song and you will not realize the amount of people. Brutha did their thing and so did rick ross and twista…aint nothing bout love and showing all the love in the world the the best group out there…B-R-U-T-H-A!!

    **Touched by a BruthasAngel**

  12. Kiara 12 years ago

    I Love Brutha…. The Song “High Is Coming Down” FT. Rick Ross & Twista IS a Hit… I Play This Song On REPEAT For Hours!!!!! VACANCY
    * Touched By A BruthasAngel”

  13. Kiara 12 years ago

    It Doesn’t Matter How Many Ppl Are On this Song It Is STILL A HIT… It shouldn’t Be About How Many ppl are on a song Just If It is Good Music & This Is GREAT MUSIC!!!!! I LOVE BRUTHA
    *Touched By A BruthasAngel*

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