Ne-Yo Talks Project With Fabolous & Next Album


Grammy-winning R&B crooner Ne-Yo is working on a couple of projects, including a new solo album and a collaborative LP with rapper Fabolous. The singer/songwriter’s fourth album, Libra Scale, was only released last November, but during NBA All-Star Weekend he told MTV News that since some fans may not have gravitated to the project like his past work, he’s already back on the grind.

“I’m actually working on a new album as we speak,” Ne-Yo revealed. “Libra Scale was a project, it was an experiment. The people that got it, got it. The people that didn’t, it’s all good. I got a little cool for the room, I understand that. But this next album is more about just listening to the music, vibing out, determine your own adventure, back to what it is I normally do. Be looking for that around September.”

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