Video: Raphael Saadiq – Good Man


Raphael Saadiq continues to travel time in the brand new video for his soulful 70’s inspired single “Good Man,” narrating the story of a troubled couple in the 1970’s. The Isaiah Seret mini movie centers around love and lust. A hard working man unable to provide the money/lifestyle his woman requires falls victim to her evils. When she chooses to become a prostitute to supply more income, the “good man” returns and gives her the money she needs to stop selling her body. Saadiq says “Good Man tells the story I’ve seen many times in my own life. Everything around that man can be bad — his occupation, lifestyle, friends — but underneath all of it, he is … a good man.” Check it out now, and stay tuned for Saadiq’s brand new album Stone Rollin’ (March 22nd).

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