This morning, well afternoon. I awoke to text messages from Wexx saying “I just found a dope new artist!” I hopped off of my futon and signed online to find a pending iChat transfer about a OFWGKTA affiliate named Frank Ocean. Upon the first listen I was stuck! I sat through breakfast, lunch and bathroom breaks amazed by the sounds coming out of my speakers. Nothing wrong can be said about  this 10 song disc with video game named skits. From his sampling of The Eagles “Hotel California” on “American Wedding”, to his un-intentional radio ready remake in “Nature Feels”. Stand out tracks “Novacane”, “Swim Good” and “Songs For Women,” this portrays what an emerging artist sounds like.

Hit the jump to listen to Frank Ocean’s brand new mixtape Nostalgia, ULTRA.

Link: Frank Ocean – Nostalgia, ULTRA.

  1. Wexx 11 years ago

    It sure is! The tape has been on repeat since this morning! Here is a funny and interesting read about R. Kelly hearing Frank


  2. cN 11 years ago

    frank ocean = lonny breaux
    I expected somebody like u to recognize his voice,since he got a label deal he changed his name!!

  3. Cari 11 years ago

    Exactly. Breaux’s writing style and vocals are unmistakable. I was wondering what all the raucous was for this Frank Ocean guy, until I hit play – “Oh it’s Lonny Breaux!”. He’s definitely deserving of the buzz he’s receiving now.

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