F.A.M.E. – Forgiving All My Enemies or Fans Are My Everything, either way Chris Brown has amassed more fame than a new socialite’s sex tape. This is not the fame that Lady Gaga markets, or created with her Fame album series, but an unplanned series of negative and positive events by a truly talented young man, growing up in the music industry; under the bright lights of the big cities, but raised from under the stars of a rural small country town. This is Chris Brown’s “moment for life”. We are all watching a true star, on the heels of a terrible personal decision, remaking himself through acceptance of fault, growth, and raw talent. The fourth studio album by Brown was his 2nd chance. His true fans stuck with him while commercial radio and the media shunned him. He fought it though, and as his fan base, Team Breezy, grew worldwide he showed us that real stars, the big ones, they are all a bit crazy, but it takes a bit of crazy to keep us interested, and maybe shock us too, when the music is just as crazy-good.

F.A.M.E. was built around the success of two records Brown recorded and released during his period of struggle; “Deuces,” a collaboration with newcomer Kevin McCall, who is a rising star to watch, whom we have Brown to thank for introducing to us, and “No BS” produced by Tha Bizness. A modern day love making, mid-tempo ballad. Their success is a perfect example of the place a real artist needs to be in to create great music. These records were made just for the fans; it was an organic method, releasing music for free through full-length mixtapes. This is now common practice, and it proves that letting an artist create without outside input or pressure is where the magic happens. Listening to F.A.M.E. straight through, it plays as if it’s a greatest hits compilation of a seasoned artist with a successful two or three decade long career. Not in the sense that every record is That good, but in the sty lings and diversity of genres he can create in. When can you say there was another artist who had a #1 and #3 R&B single playing next to a #1 Rap single, next to a Top 40 smash, next to a Dance hit all at the same time! Before their album was released! F.A.M.E. may jump around from bedroom ballad’s to dance floor thumpers, and even straight youth pop songs like the Justin Bieber featured “Next To You”. But, then it has highlights of maturity and reflection such as “All Back” and “Should’ve Kissed You”. If you had to give F.A.M.E. a genre you could call it Pop & B, but don’t take that as if it’s cheesy. The greatest of all time – Michael Jackson, made Pop R&B music. Brown is a voice of new generations, and we are still just watching the process of a young lion learning to become king of the jungle.

  1. Jussie 12 years ago

    i thought this was a rnb blog. This guy is not the voice of my generation. this album deserves three stars not four. This site has no idea what tru rnb music sounds like, if your calling chris the next king. chris is nowhere as good as usher was when he was his age remember 8701 and how good you got it bad was.

  2. Wexx 12 years ago

    Thanks for your response, but it sounds like you’re not in touch with the youth, especially when you said not a voice of my generation. No one said he was, it says “new” generations. It isn’t easy for music fans to stay in tune with what’s new, and the freshman class of artists every few years. The older you get the harder it is to relate. But, I guarantee if you were 12-18 years old right now you would be feeling the same way about Chris as you did with Usher. Usher’s 8701 was a classic, and it still is, but that’s our opinion, and it wouldn’t be everyone’s that was older than us at the time either.

  3. Perch 12 years ago

    This is a R&B blog and a awesome review. This is a site I turn to many times a day to see the latest and greatest in R&B. This is also one of the FEW non-hip hop music websites that ONLY showcases R&B. In my opinion this album DOES have the making of a classic. It has its slow songs, up tempo beats and radio hits. A classic BECOMES a classic because of a test of time. THRILLER wasn’t a classic when it dropped….it took time and for it to snowball into a legendary album. When “YEAH!” came out off of the “confessions” album. Do you think many people sat there and were like oh man this is ushers greatest song to date? some fans were still saying 8701 and my way were superior… we look back and see what a monster “confessions” really was. Give this album time to grow…..

    Great review Wexx

  4. Jussie 12 years ago

    Im 20 years old i just dont feel he same way about chris’ music like i do usher, ne yo, lloyd, etc. I guess im not a fan of his voice

  5. Jussie 12 years ago

    By the confessions is one of the greatest albums of all time i knew that when i was 14 . Every song is dope

  6. Wexx 12 years ago

    That’s cool, everyone has their own preferences. Usher, Ne-Yo and Lloyd are incredible artists each in their own right. Usher is in a league of his own already, Ne-Yo is a sensational songwriter, and to me Lloyd has one of the best, unique voices of the past decade, and he is extremely underrated. Even though Chris’s new album is very Pop, and he is starting to be considered more of a “Pop” artist, he still has R&B roots, and he’s pushing the genre in different ways.

  7. Joey 12 years ago


    Couldn’t have said it any better. Personally, I wish CB all the success in the world.

  8. Jerri 12 years ago

    This album is a classic! Listen for yourself…

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