This year, Sean Garrett “The Pen” invites you into his world…

A Grammy-nominated hit-maker with a freshly inked Columbia Records deal, Sean Garrett- dubbed the “The Pen” by Jay-Z- is definitely making his mark on the music world. With 17 Number One singles to his name, Sean is a force to be reckoned with, combining real talent with serious swag. He has crafted and collaborated on powerhouse hits for the hottest artists in the game- ranging from Beyonce and Usher to Fergie and Chris Brown, and his solo career is proving to be equally successful: Sean’s single “Feel Love” (featuring J. Cole) is currently burning up the charts, and his debut album is slated for release this summer. Keep your eyes peeled because Sean Garrett is definitely an artist worth watching out for.

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  1. Jerri 12 years ago

    Sean Garrett is a beast… “Feel Love” is my jam! I’m glad it’s finally up on iTunes :)

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