In case you missed it someone released 64 unreleased Frank Ocean songs bundled up in a mixtape entitled “The Lonny Breaux Collection”.  Christopher “Lonny” Breaux was Frankie’s government name, when he was working as a songwriter and got signed to Def Jam, then he legally changed it to Christopher Francis Ocean. The first thing I thought was “Who the f*(k was going to sit and listen to 64 songs from the same person in one sitting”? Then I grabbed a bottle of my favorite red wine (don’t I sound like I should just listen to R&B?) and skimmed through them all and here are 3 records that stuck out.

Frank Ocean – Done

Frank Ocean – Acura Intergurl

Frank Ocean – Bedtime Story

Frank Ocean – Non-Stop


Frank Ocean – If I’m In Love

  1. Wexx 13 years ago

    Done is my shit! That’s what we call a gem

  2. Rhianna 13 years ago

    im in love with frank ocean. <3
    is he becoming a solo artist? because i really dont want him to leave OFWKGTA . wolf gang 'till i die. </3

  3. Drew 13 years ago

    frank ocean is bomb i love his music.

  4. nia 12 years ago

    i love u frank ocean

  5. darlene 12 years ago

    No all of them are good!!! However my fav is if I’m in love, he isa genius!!! I hope his career last for a long long time!!!

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