I’m tending to let certain records marinate on my desktop, before I decide if it is getting posted. So, that can be good and bad. In this case, we have the come-back from Mashonda, or as many of you know her as, Swizz Beatz ex. I’ve always had a soft spot for her, and I’m glad she is finally stepping back out into the limelight. Showing us she’s still has a Bangin’ body in King Magazine, guest spots on the new reality show Love & Hip-Hop, and now a brand new single. Well, let’s not go with brand-new, since this is a straight remake of one my favs, Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit”. She worked with production team The Buchanans on remaking the track for her, and even though it is basically a cover, it sounds good. I can dig it Mashonda, keep it up!

Link: Mashonda – Juicy Fruit

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