I’m not gonna lie, when I first saw this in my email, I gave it a twisted look based on the title. However, upon hearing the song, now I’m not mad at the connection of the release date and song. But! I am mad at the straight jacking of Ryan Leslie’s drums from “Addiction”. Olivia’s manager is Ryan’s head of promotion, so if that was going down, why can’t Ryan produce the track?

Anyways, Olivia releases her brand new, ballad single “December”. Which, is the follow-up to her attempt at a club hit with “Lick, Salt, Lime”. If you can get past the copy of drums, the song is decent, and Olivia still looks good, but do we really like this??

  1. TMonie 7 years ago

    Wow its definitely just bongo’s all bongos definitely sound the same lol the song is great!!! why do black people always have to criticize and the itunes version sounds way better btw

  2. Anonymous 7 years ago

    lame ass song

  3. Wexx 7 years ago

    Bongos are drums, and they were played in the exact same rhythm as Ryan did on “Addiction,” especially with the opening bars of the song.

  4. atw 7 years ago

    i like her voice n the song

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