I remember being 7 years old when this record came out and I would replace the name Iesha with which ever girl I was crushing on at the time. Back then it was my baby sitters daughter Fabby! ooooh memories, And since I didn’t know all the words I would mumble most of it and just blurt out her name and the bits I knew. Shouts to Shirley.

The groups Wiki after the break.

Another Bad Creation (sometimes called ABC for short)[4] were an American R&B and rap musical group from Atlanta, Georgia.[1]
ABC consists of Romell “RoRo” Chapman, Chris Sellers, David Shelton and brothers[5] Demetrius and Marliss (“Red” and “Mark”, respectively) Pugh, as well as “unofficial” member Adrian “G.A.” (General Austin) Witcher.[3] They were discovered by Michael Bivins. ABC’s debut album Coolin’ at the Playground Ya Know! was released on February 11, 1991.[6] The album’s two biggest singles were the first and second singles: “Iesha” and “Playground”, respectively, which reached the top ten on both the R&B and pop charts (the latter was also the group’s only showing so far on the Dance chart).[7] A cover of New Edition’s song “Jealous Girl” followed, as well as the singles “Spydermann” and “My World”.[8] The album reached #7 on the Billboard 200[9] and eventually went platinum.[5]
During this time, Mark and Dave appeared among other children (including Macaulay Culkin) in a scene from Michael Jackson’s video for “Black or White”.[10] Also during this time, all the members of ABC [11] made their only movie appearance to date, as characters in The Meteor Man (which also featured appearances from various other musicians).[12] They all dyed their hair blonde for the movie,[13] a style they also showcased in the video for the East Coast Family’s only collective song,[14] “1-4-All-4-1”.
ABC’s second album It Ain’t What U Wear, It’s How U Play It was released on September 21, 1993.[15] Neither the album nor any of its singles charted on any Billboard chart.[9] Shortly after, they broke up.

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