What happens when the next generation Jackson teams up with the producer of Transformers and X-Men? — Austin Brown 85

Whoa! This kid is awesome. MJ may have physically left this world, but his soul lives on in his nephew, singer/dancer Austin Brown.

Austin plays himself in the video trailer for his debut album,” says director Tom Desanto. “The key was trying to put the audience in Austin’s shoes and to try to feel the pressure and potential of his family’s legacy. The Jacksons are entertainment royalty and the tremendous pressure of his family’s name would take down most people.”

The result is a cinematic video that melds a variety of genres, taking Brown from an amorphous dream world into a throwback dance scene and an animated realm.

“I have always been a fan of Walt Disney, Stan Lee and Steven Spielberg, and my uncle. They understood the art of fantasy, while incorporating a meaningful message within their films,” Brown says. “Having those elements to tell my story was important for me because I wanted the audience to escape while watching this video, but at the end, know who I am.”

  1. Merita 13 years ago

    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and I’m so happy to see Austin is being well received… he’s an amazing talent and a sweetheart of a guy. :)

  2. Merita 13 years ago

    Just what music needs… I’m so sick of these half talented odd balls being pranced around as artist… in and out of the spotlight in what.. 5yrs? SMH.
    But Austin is about to put it DOWN… I’m ready. You ready?

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