Bruno Mars may be a king of the pop charts while Mary Mary have reigned on the Gospel charts, but in this week’s Mashup Monday the soulful voices of the Mary Mary sisters turn Mars’ hit “Just The Way You Are” into an ode of parental love.

This is one of those “Damn why didn’t I think of this?” Billboards Mash-up Monday’s enlist Gospel music icons Mary Mary to sing Bruno Mars hit “Just The Way You Are”, an ode to their daughters, and they kill it!

Hit the break for a Q&A with Mary Mary and some more footage with Billboard.

“I want [my daughter] to know she’s beautiful just the way she is,” Mary Mary’s Erika Atkins-Campbell says of why the duo decided to flip the focus of the song. “Sorry Bruno, I know you were singing it to a chick, but I’m singing it to my baby girl”

“I remember the first time hearing that song in my car on teh radio,” Tina Atkins-Campbell says, adding that she immediately felt “you could sing this song to your daughter, you could sing this song to your mama, your grandma, your auntie, any woman that’s special in your life.”

Much like Bruno Mars’ year so far, Mary Mary is also in the midst of a ‘huge’ 2011, literally. MM’s anticipated new album “Something Big” hit this spring.

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