Mario is lookin to take a trip, down to that triangle, he calls it “Bermuda”. Always a fan of Mario, it is nice whenever something new pops up. While, this isn’t something to write home about, it is what it is — new Mario. However, the Baltimore bred singer better release something Hot soon, or he’s going to be lost in more than the ‘Bermuda triangle’. Check it out.

What do you think?

  1. GuamGirl 13 years ago

    Who is the female in the beginning of the song talking the Chamoru language?

    The Chamoru language is spoken by the people of the Pacific Islands (Guam, Tinian , Rota and Saipan) & the song is titled Bermuda … just thought you should know …. MAD RESPECT THOUGH TO HAVE THE OUR LANGUAGE IN THE BEGINNING OF YOUR SONG!!!!!!

  2. SIX7ONE 13 years ago

    …and it does not even make any sense – nice intro though (She sounds HOT)

  3. Kay 13 years ago

    I agree with Guam girl about using the Chamoru language. It is nice to see someone from the Island in a song from a great singer!!!!We can hear the two sentences but what is the rest she is saying????

  4. Islandgirl 13 years ago

    As she fades out, she begins to recite the rosary…

  5. bermybound 13 years ago

    @kay n @guamgirl Just to clarify, bermuda is in the middle of the atlantic ocean and we only speak english beside of some the portugese. And the song is about our island, if you camÉ here you would understand what he means. He perfomed he awhile ago.. Not his best song but it meant a lot for a few ppl on d island

  6. Peter 12 years ago

    At bermybound yes this song is about Bermuda but the lady in the beging of the song is speaking Chamorro the language of a group of people from the Pacific Islands (Guam, Rota, Tinian, Saipan). Wich confused me…..why would Mario have a girl speaking Chamorro at the beging of a song about Bermuda.

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