“This is going to be the first mixtape I grab a lot of features for, which I normally don’t do.” The attention that will be on this mixtape will be the same as the attention that would be on a sophomore album [therefore] I’m putting all my efforts to making this like Drake did. He made a mixtape so great that it could have been an album. That’s what I want to do.”

umm… Thoughts?

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  1. Yolanda 10 years ago

    If she don’t stop playin around! I love her music, have all her previous mixtapes and her one album but damn if she don’t come out with another album soon! She is an awesome writer and singer so I don’t understand why one would want to put all their energy into a freakin mixtape and not a real album. She’s basing things off of Drake?! Seriously, they’re not even in the same category! He’s hip-hop, she’s R&B…people don’t really know about R&B mixtapes like that unless they’re always on websites like this (like me) so really, how successful do you think that’s going to be for her? I mean, either way I’ll still get it because I love her music but I don’t think she’ll be gaining any new fans by doing this. I know R&B heads who’ve never heard of her…that’s a huge problem to me.

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