I wouldn’t expect this from CNN or Anderson Cooper but it seems Chris Brown has more and more enemies in mainstream media. Following in the actions of FOX News, CNN 360 host Anderson Cooper recently aired a scathing clip slamming the “She Ain’t You” singer; this time, for his participation in the upcoming romantic comedy Think Like a Man (a movie adaptation of the Steve Harvey self-help book).

See Brown’s Twitter response and the clip that prompted it after the jump.

This seems very low for Cooper and CNN, clearly not important news. Granted Chris had done this share of irresponsible and questionable things, but this was quite rude. He’s not a politician, he’s an entertainer, and rock stars do stupid stuff sometimes. Why are we still dwelling on it? He’s not running for office, he’s in a movie!

What do you think?

  1. Numba one 13 years ago

    I think you blogers need to get off chris browns sack. He assaulted someone, people dont forget, you guys act like he didnt do everything that was said in the clip, he did. And therefore he should be reminded of it, as he is still on probation. Your just an enabler, if it was up to you you would have not done anything after he beat rihana, then he would have did again and again. your what wrong with the community.

  2. TBL5D 13 years ago

    Now- Charlie Sheen beat the shit outta his wife!, and he got a deal for 2million and life went on with no repercussions. Chris paid 4 what he did, his career needs to move on. I’m tired of hearing about this OLD news. “Keep the hits coming son!” And let the haters HATE! (Just puts more money in Breezy’s pocket.)

  3. D.A. 13 years ago

    I couldn’t agree more with TBL5D. There have been numerous instances where caucasion actors have beaten their girlfriends or wives and yet people don’t shine as much light on it, especially in the black community. My question is since mainstream media wishes to shine a light on Chris’s past grievances, I wonder does this mean that they will put this much effort into finding a black girl who might have been kidnapped!?!?! I’m jus sayin.

    (You know what? that warrants a blog post!!!!)

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