Don’t expect her pregnancy to slow her down anytime soon. Beyonce is moving forward with legendary director Clint Eastwood to remake the iconic Barbra Streisand movie, “A Star Is Born.”

The project is slated to start next year, and Beyonce spilled the news that her pregnancy won’t be pushing back the production schedule, adding that the team is still working on casting a male lead and writing the script. Meanwhile, leading lady Beyonce, is gearing up to start working on the film’s music. “There is a lot of music in it, so it is actually great timing. I am actually about to start recording the soundtrack next month.”

She’s got 16 Grammy awards, three fragrances, a clothing line, a starring role in the remake of an iconic film, and a baby on the way — is there anything she can’t do? Maybe “Run This World” really is Beyonce’s life mantra.

via Yahoo.

  1. joey 12 years ago

    why is beyonce singing the soundtrack to the star is born,, please get somebody else,
    why does she get all the media attention, give somebody esle a chance like toni braxton
    of jill scott, or even Mary j, Bliege,, or lauren hill,, come on people let somebody esle take
    on this project besides beyonce, does she have enough money, and media attention
    she is pregnant why cant she just sit down and enjoy her family and her fruits, and let someone
    else do it,,, and why did clint eastwood pick her, is she the only popular black woman in the
    music industry, give me a break bey,,

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