CJ Hilton yearns to return to the warm love of his ex, in the brand new video for his new single and debut album title track “Cold Summer.” The singer/songwriter roams the cold streets as he reminisces over his girl.

Speaking with ThisisRnB TV CJ explained, “I already had the title ‘Cold Summer’ for my album, but I didn’t have a song … So we (CJ & producer Salaam Remi) basically just thought about what I was going through at that time … basically my girl had left me, it was a really cold Summer for me, so we decided to write about that. It’s about me asking my girl to Please come, cause this is the worst experience I have ever been through in my whole life.”

  1. Wifi 10 years ago

    GREAT SONG! Cool sample and everything!

  2. Janae 10 years ago

    Salaam Remi killed the beat, CJ Hilton killed the vocals and I killed the “Buy” button on iTunes trying to add this song to my collection! Worth the price, by FAR!

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