The entertainment media has been consumed by the arrival of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter. During a sit-down with A.J. Hammer on HLN’s “Showbiz Tonight,” even Brandy was filled with excitement for the new parents. The new star of BET’s “The Game” shared her thoughts on the newborn’s name, Jay-Z’s emotional song, and offered advice to her fellow mom.

On the baby’s name, Blue Ivy Carter: “I think the name is gorgeous. It totally fits. I love it and I’m so happy for Beyoncé and Jay. They’re actually one of my favorite couples and both inspirations.”

On “Glory,” the song Jay recorded for his new daughter: “It’s a great song and to hear little Blue at the end, it was sooo beautiful, breathtaking actually.”

On her advice to Beyoncé: “I just think she needs to appreciate her baby right now and not worry about [losing the pregnancy weight]. Just enjoy it. … This is her first child. I would take the time and just be with my family and be with my newborn and chill out. That’s what I would do. But you know B, she’s a workaholic and she loves what she does. You have to respect her for that.”

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