1. ShellzYuuup 12 years ago

    Thisisrnb yall can’t keep posting these old ass songs under “New Music”… this song was put out OVER a YEAR & HALF AGO… I expect BETTER from yall lol

  2. ThisisRnB 12 years ago

    Thanks, but New Music is just the category title for all music, and if you read the post you would see we are aware it came out a year ago, but…. wait for it…. it had TAGS! This is the untagged version, which just surfaced.

  3. ShellzYuuup 12 years ago

    lol… i have a mixtape from over a YEAR ago and it has the song and its UNTAGGED…but okay :)

  4. ThisisRnB 12 years ago

    Oh really, that’s interesting. What tape is that? I guess it just recently surfaced online that way.

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