Ruben Studdard is back and if you haven’t heard he is laying his heart on the line. The soulful crooner has just released the official video for his honest and heartfelt new song “June 28th (I’m Single).” Studdard, who was recently divorced, declares his bachelorhood as he is available now, and looking for a new special lady in the brand new visual.

Speaking on the video Ruben said, “This video has given me the opportunity to tell the story, but you always want to do something that is creative, and fun and fresh, not a sad thing. It’s just the both of us have moved on in life, and decided to do it in separate ways. It is something that I’m goin thru and felt it necessary to tell my story.”

The American Idol alum’s forthcoming album Letters From Birmingham will hit stores March 13th. Check out the video above. Pick up the song on iTunes now!

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