Despite his surge to stardom, Frank Ocean has maintained a low profile. While riding on a South Kensington carousel in London, the press shy singer opened up to British fashion magazine i-D about his love for Celine Dion, why he doesn’t do many interviews, and the reason he was fired from his previous jobs. See photos and listen to their interview below.

On which songwriter’s song he would like to sing: “I’d probably sing a Diane Warren ballad. I’m a big Celine Dion fan.”

On why he doesn’t do much press: “It seems healthier to be a little more reclusive. I rely heavily on my art form and letting that speak for me and what I do.”

On where his inspiration comes from: “I think my creativity comes from a really pure place. I feel at a higher level of consciousness when I’m being creative.”

On his previous jobs: “I worked my ass off doing 13 jobs. So many jobs ’cause I was always getting fired ’cause I was always late. I would be in the studio until five in the morning and then have to get up and go to work.”

On selling his first song: “I sold my first song when I was 19 to Noel Gourdin.”



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