Trey Songz is ready to open the first page of his forthcoming album Chapter V, with the release of lead single “Heart Attack.” R&B’s mainstream lothario looks to advance his growth as an artist and step away from the bottle poppin’, sex based records with Chapter V‘s debut song.

In an unexpected move Trey offers up some vulnerability on the progressive ode to a heart-wrenching love. The Benny Blanco/Rico Love production, laced with heavy drums and computerized tones, finds Trey telling the story of how a powerful adoration is keeping his troubled relationship together.

I never knew love would feel like a heart attack, it’s killing me, swear I never cried so much, cuz I never knew love would hurt this fuckin’ bad,” croons Songz.

Hear the Full song now, below… What do you think??

Download “Heart Attack” on iTunes:

  1. T.A.N. Fan 11 years ago

    Can’t wait to hear the full version! Love it already!

  2. Ms Tara 11 years ago

    I like it already!!! Those are true words.

  3. V.I.C. 11 years ago

    This is a new side of Trey Songz. I appreciate his vulnerability! The vocals are good too. I wonder if it will do as well as something like “Bottoms Up” or “Say Ahhh”. But I know it is going to be a bonafide R&B/Hip-Hop hit. No question. People are ready for that boy Trigga!!!

  4. mellonie l mclennan 11 years ago

    lov,love this song,it the best song of the year,i love trey songz sooooo much,i am his #1 fan,i wish him all the best in his future albums,all the best tramaine [i could listen this song whole day

  5. caren 11 years ago

    I love this song! He has the emotion in his voice that makes it sound like it’s personal. I haven’t really listened to his other works but I will now!

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