Terius Nash aka The-Dream aka your favorite out-spoken hitmaker is back on the music scene and touring the country on his successful “Kill The Lights” tour. During his 2-night stop in NYC he addressed the issue of new artists with a similar style to his, and the lack of paying homage to those who have inspired you. Cince his hiatus, numerous new acts have emerged with a similar style, one of whom many people say is The Weeknd. The two exchanged Twitter jabs recently, but in the end, he maintains that his intention was not to address anyone in particular. Dream spoke with AOL’s The Boombox about his comments…

I wasn’t the first one to address that,” he shares. “Evidently the world wants to know. Somebody said, ‘There’s a lot of Dream activity going on but Dream ain’t out,’ so I decided to say, ‘Let’s see if there’s a lot of Dream activity. I’ma cast this net out, and we’re going to see if Dream activity is going on.’ And certain people felt a way so, what does that say?

Based on his success in the last five years alone, Dream laments that he has no reason to attack other performers.

I would never stand in the way of anybody else’s [success] and I know where I am,” the “ROC” singer admits. “We’re not in the time of chivalry where we can say, ‘This guy, I actually really enjoy his music and this is a part of where I came from.’ [They’re] going to act like they have no idea. That would be me acting like I don’t know who R. Kelly is. C’mon man, like really?

Honestly, we never felt like The Weeknd was like The-Dream at all, nor Frank Ocean, or any of the new wave of “alternative” R&B singers, but to each their own. Dream is at a level, where he has no reason to address the hear-say, he is making so much money, and so many hit records, it takes away from his talent. At the end of the day, they need to just make music…

  1. Stanley 6 years ago

    The-Dream haven’t inspired a new generation of singers, because he still new himself lol.. His biggest hits were sung by Female artists. So unless The Weekend was inspired by Beyonce, I highly doubt THE Weekend is checkin for The-Dream. And I don’t even believe Frank Ocean, The Weekend, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, or any of the young talent of today’s scene cares too much for him

  2. steve 6 years ago

    you really haven’t heard the dream music how sad that’s whats wrong with music people dont listen to it they just hear.

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