ThisisRnB TV: Claude Kelly Talks About “Chasing The Chills”


In the last clip from our in-depth interview with Claude Kelly, the multi-Grammy Award nominee talks to us about his inherent need to always “chase the chills.” As he describes, and as all music lovers should know, that feeling when a song makes the hair on your arms or neck stand up. Claude describes his need to always fill that feeling as an addiction similar to drugs.

He tells us his most recent chill was during a session with X-Factor US alum Chris Rene, who, although he doesn’t have a perfect voice, connected with the perfect combination of “a voice, with emotion, and a back-story,” as he was writing a song about his son.

He continued on to talk about his role as a songwriter to bring forth that talent and emotion from artists, as he calls it “courting talent.” “A lot of it is therapy, and getting these artists to talk about stuff, and share with me stuff that will give me the feeling to write a song that represents them.” Claude also announced he was working on new music with Eve…

Check out clip above and stay tuned for much from the super talented songwriter.

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  1. cody 10 years ago

    Chris Rene, really? wow this dude is talented but annoying…

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