ThisisRnB TV: Claude Kelly Talks About Working With Whitney Houston & Michael Jackson


During our in-depth interview with Claude Kelly we had to take a moment to discuss his work with two of music’s all-time legends, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Claude spoke briefly about his biggest personal accomplishment, which was penning one of MJ’s last songs,

He was my favorite artist of all time period, so number one for him to cut my song was crazy…I feel like I’m apart of a legacy that many people both before me and after me will never get to say they were apart of, so that’s a blessing.”

But, it was his time and personal relationship with the recently deceased Whitney Houston, that really influenced him. “She was very very supportive of my career, before anything was going on, before she had to be…For someone of that magnitude to be that down to earth to me, really blew me away, and taught me a lot about how I wanted to be and how I wanted to be perceived.”

The hit songwriter continued on to address the void in music Whitney’s passing has left, “She was a whole brand of excellent, and we’re not training them like that now…They’re not rolling them out to be icons now…

Check out the clip above and stay tuned for more…

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