New Music: Brandy feat. Chris Brown – Put It Down


The snippet wasn’t out long as Brandy has now unveiled her official comeback single “Put It Down,” featuring a rapping Chris Brown. The Bangladesh and Sean Garrett creation might shock some unexpecting Brandy fans for its youth appeal and sex driven theme. I know it shocked us…but in Brandy’s case, we hope sex does sell this time.

The single will be released to iTunes on May 8, while her album Two Eleven, which boasts collaborations with Timbaland, Danja, Hit-Boy, Noah “40” Shebib, Rico Love, Ester Dean, Frank Ocean, and more is coming soon…

Hear Brandy’s new single in full below…

What do you think?

  1. Codine 10 years ago

    subject matter could be about vegetables, sex, homeless people, love, cats.. doesn’t matter if the music and melody fall flat. Dunno, not a fan.

  2. Rhymes 10 years ago

    The ORIGINAL Qeen B is back Bitches! Go in Brandy!

  3. Wifi 10 years ago

    It’s good for buzz and commercial appeal but not for the true essence of Brandy! I hope the album will have better songs. Hate to say this but I actually LOVEEEE THIS SONG. But deep down in my heart I know Brandy is capable of so much more. This song is a bit too dry for someone like Brandy but oh well… I hope it brings her some commercial success! She deserves it. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. Just 10 years ago

    Is this the song she was saying chris brown gets her, cause this song is wack! This is her worst single. You would think monica would motivate her to do better music.

  5. Chris 10 years ago

    I don’t know…….I definitely liked this song better when it was a 15-second-long snippet and the rest was left to my imagination. She stayed way, way, waaaaaaay far in her comfort zone with those vocals. This song had so much potential. Potential that could have been brought out if she sang in her normal/upper range and the chorus was arranged a little differently. After hours of imagining how the song could have gone, I must confess my disappoinment.

  6. V.I.C. 10 years ago

    Wow I have to disagree with all the negative comments here. Brandy has gone very much outside of her comfort zone in the last 5 or so years with this music. It is R&B reinvented with a hip-hop edge. Those harmonies and vocal arrangements were most likely done by her and they’re on POINT! Bangladesh and Sean Garrett truly captured the essence of Brandy by ensuring that the track truly showcases what Brandy fans love her for the most – her voice. The beat and the melodies are so catchy! Brandy and Chris Brown did the damn thing and the production is definitely going to bring Brandy a younger generation of fans. I can’t wait to see this song go to the top!!!

    Welcome back Brandy!

  7. trey 10 years ago

    great song ! i disagree with all the negative comments . Brandy has been through some very tough things during the last 5 or 6 years , so now she’s getting back on top by doing what she does best , singing her heart out for her and her daughter ! she deserves it ! : ) she’s now focus on her own life and her amazing music career.!

    #Go Brandy ! <3

  8. Anonymous 10 years ago

    Hmmm, idk! Love brandy & breezy but I love brandy singing her heart out & breezy singing too… Not really feeln this:/

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