Tank Goes In On Brian McKnight’s “Adult Mixtape” Preview Video


Daamn, this was hilarious. I don’t really condone dissing McKnight, but he pissed a lot of us off with that “Adult Mixtape” preview clip, and Tank agreed it was just wrong in so many ways, whether he was trying to make a point and start a conversation or not. The R&B crooner sat down with Tony Sculfield and the WGCI Morning show and talked about his new music, the playing field in R&B, and then he WENT IN on Brian McKnight with the Morning Riot.

Watch the clip below…

  1. It Was Hilarious 10 years ago

    Congratulations Tank on simultaneously showcasing your inability to recognize satire and initiating internecine disrespect with regards to black “authenticity”

  2. Shut Up Take 10 years ago

    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones, especially if they make weak ass R&B music in said house.

  3. Eamon 10 years ago

    Indeed, Tank should be the last person to talk on B-Mac. Not too long ago he was doing the “RnB Thug” thing with Cash Money, now he’s talking. The only people, I think that could speak are those not known for vulgar “RnB”. Names like NeYo, Donell Jones, Dwele, etc. come to mind.

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