Usher Premieres ‘Looking For Myself’ Off-Broadway In “Fuerza Bruta”


Last night our world was spun around, as we were some of the lucky few to witness a literally historic performance, from one of R&B’s greatest entertainers … Usher Raymond. While we were at the event, but not allowed to film or take pictures, Rolling Stone’s Steven Horowitz did a great job of summing up the extravagant evening.

Read their summary below… we are still in shock … It Was Incredible!

Usher doesn’t want you to just listen to his seventh album Looking for Myself – he’d rather you feel it. To debut his Euro-splashed LP, coming out June 12th, the R&B sexophile integrated himself into two performances of Off-Broadway’s “Fuerza Bruta,” a senses-stimulating live experience combining vigorous slam dancing, surgical lighting cues and participation from a clumped standing-only audience.

A foggy haze permeated the cavernous performance space at New York City’s Daryl Roth Theater, where the 33-year-old theatrically sequenced the entirety of the project to strobing lights and choreographed moves. A booming voice introduced the night as “a journey for each of the senses,” and warned the audience, “what happens stays here. Consider yourself lucky.” Those in attendance for the first of two pre-public performances took note, heeding commands to crouch low to the ground and pump fists in the air.

Emerging from the dark, a fauxhawk-coiffed Ursh, clad in a snow-white suit accented by a black tie, trotted across a conveyor belt in beat to the Diplo-produced “Climax.” As the tempo galloped and his pace quickened, he clutched his stomach as a gunshot fired and blood spread across his torso, leaving the evening’s protagonist injured but able to mingle with fellow players as the crunchy title track, produced by Empire of the Sun, boomed through the system.

That sense of wounded ache counteracted his desire to command the crowd, a balance struck tightly on Looking for Myself. The LP piggybacks on the ephemeral club appeal of his recent hits, including “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” featuring Pitbull and David Guetta’s “Without You,” and weighs it against vulnerable demi-ballads à la “Papers,” pointing the pen inward while reflecting on the concept of fidelity.

At his most frivolous, Usher dominated the room. As the audience shuffled to accommodate the constantly shifting set pieces, he orchestrated flash dance parties, bringing attendees onto a pint-sized stage to boogie to the sounds of the album’s second single “Scream,” produced by Max Martin and Shellback. Even when he splayed across a makeshift couch during the Jim Jonsin-helmed “Let Me See” featuring Rick Ross, patrons bounced to the PG-13 lyrics (“She said she want to take her shirt off, be my guest,” he sings) while lights flashed and acrobats raced along a silver curtain 30 feet above the ground.

But it was when the pace slowed that Usher’s trademark sensitivity shined. The album reached emotional fever pitch during a Rico Love-penned “Dive,” where actors slid across a taut see-through tarp covered in pools of water, sustained above the audience’s head. “I don’t mind playing in the rain,” Usher naughtily coos over an unresolving melody. Later, against a cloudy and mechanical beat on an unnamed track, he sings a different tune: “I admit that I’ve been careless,” he confesses.

It’s those pocket moments of introspection that humanize the robotics of Looking for You. With two public performances at “Fuerza Bruta,” both taking place tonight (April 28), the veteran entertainer reasserts himself as a master of rapturous dance fodder, capable of turning a room into a thumping rave with ease. But the conflicted odes of self-reflection show the hero isn’t as valiant as the beat would have you believe – an uncertainty that keeps him grounded, even when the volume is cranked up high.

via Rolling Stone

We are saying it right now, Looking For Myself is a downright Classic! Usher has returned with a new-found creativity, desire and emotion, which will once again lead him to the top of the charts and the Pop throne. If he was ever going to be compared to MJ, this was his moment, this put him on the same pedestal.

Some of our favorite standout cuts, aside from the singles “Climax,” “Scream” and “Lemme See,” are the title track “Looking For Myself,” “Twisted” and “Dive.”

UPDATE: Complex has revealed the listing of songs played during the show … This does not seem to be the official album tracklisting, although it may be similar … A deluxe edition of the album is expected but has not been confirmed yet. Check out the list below… Looking For Myself in stores June 12!

Looking 4 Myself
Lemme See feat. Rick Ross
Climax (Kaskade remix)
Show Me
Hot Thing feat. Pharrell Williams
I Care 4 You
Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

  1. Just 12 years ago

    I’ve always said Usher is the closest to MJ and still is =)

  2. Brian 12 years ago

    Usher became MJ in my eyes that night. Period. Dare you to argue.

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